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HTML5 Mobile Reference Site Launches


From time to time CM First gets asked if the Sencha Touch / PhoneGap technology behind CM WebClient 1.8 Mobile for CA Plex can produce a first class touch-optimized mobile experience. Although HTML5’s promise of single code base across devices is highly attractive, there is often some skepticism expressed. Is this a technology can handle produce an experience equivalent to the native device alternative, laboriously crafted by hand multiple times for iOS Objective C, Android SDK, and BlackBerry?

We invite you to research the question yourself by checking out this HTML5 web site. NOTE: Must be accessed from an Android, Apple, or Blackberry mobile device, or Safari/Chrome from a desktop browser.


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CM First developed the transactional mobile web site for Descuento Libre. Stay tuned for appearances on the iTunes, Android, and Blackberry market places.














Interested in a web site like this? Email us at for more information.

Debugging HTML5 Apps on iPhone/iPad

WebClient for CA Plex shields you from much of the need to delve into the internals of HTML5 and JavaScript on the iPhone / iPad platform. However, the fact is that sometime you have to debug the HTML and CSS directly on the device. This is a guide on how to do it.

There are two options available. The first is to turn the JavaScript debug console on. You can do this by visiting the device settings, and moving down to Safari. From Safari select Advanced Settings and turn on the JavaScript Console. This is sufficient for many issues.



Although the Apple debug console is certainly useful, sometimes you need more. One way is to use the Firebug, a popular JavaScript debugging platform.

You can debug using Firebug on your iOS device.

First, open Safari on your mobile device.

Next, create a bookmark in Safari on your iOS device for any webpage, and name that bookmark “Firebug.”

Following this, launch Safari and edit the Firebug bookmark, replacing the URL with the above text. Hit “Done,” and the bookmarklet should be created and ready to use.

In order to launch the Firebug console, visit a website on your iOS device and, once the website has loaded, open your Bookmarks in Safari and touch Firebug. After a few moments, the console should appear at the bottom of the webpage (as you can see in the above image).


Following this, launch Safari and edit the Firebug bookmark, replacing the URL with the above text. Hit “Done,” and the bookmarklet should be created and ready to use.

In order to launch the Firebug console, visit a website on your iOS device and, once the website has loaded, open your Bookmarks in Safari and touch Firebug. After a few moments, the console should appear at the bottom of the webpage (as you can see in the image).



CA Plex on the Apple Mac and iOS

See how CA Plex can be used to generate applications that run 100% on the Apple Mac (Java Swing with MySQL) or run iOS/Android devices using Xcode, Eclipse for Mac, WebClient, and PhoneGap.


WebClient 1.8 New Release Information

WebClient 1.8 has been in private beta since November 2011. We are readying a Release Candidate for January 2012, and General Availability February 2012.

There are several new features in the new release:

  • Mobile Touch Optimized Templates
    • iPhone, Android, BB6
    • HTML5 Sencha Touch based, with Adobe/Apache PhoneGap
    • Native capability including Camera templates
  • Core Product Enhancements
    • Accordion control, enabling Outlook style menus
    • New Claro theme, support for creating user defined themes
    • Auto scale CA Plex functions to browser size
    • Enhanced Grid, save placement, export to Excel, and more
    • Intellisense style interactive filtering
    • Initial Cloud Instance Definitions
    • Portlet Generations – Websphere Portal or Apache Pluto
  • Additional Features
    • FileOpen, Progress, Plex 7.0 …
    • New licensing – No more crypkey!

Please view the presentation below for more information:

If you are a current customer and wish to be part of the release candidate process, please drop us an email to


Mobile Development for the IBM i

Presentation given at the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Midrange Association Meeting.

May 2011 Newsletter Published

Highlights of this edition include:


MatchPoint/WebClient Mobile Webcast Replay

A Message from the CA Plex CA 2E Global User Community User Community

CA Plex CA 2E Global User Community WebcastThursday, April 21, 2011 Replay Available
Dear Community Member,Here are the webcast replay recording details for the CA Plex CA 2E Global User Community Webcast on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. 100% of attendees thought this webcast was of value to them.


  • Change Management for IBMi and CA Plex – MatchPoint i+ Release Update – Presented by Christoph Heinrich and John Rhodes, CM First

Review this replay for an interactive demonstration of change management using Matchpoint i+ advanced ALM tooling for IBM i and CA Plex. This presentation will be a preview of the detailed technical sessions planned for the CA Plex/2E Conference June 1-3 — so if you are interested in change management best practices be sure to visit CM First at the conference as well.

New and Improved Features Presented:

  • Enhanced Java and C# Support with the new Subversion connector
  • IBM i interfaces and utilities
  • Web and iPhone/Android option using WebClient i+
  • CA Plex API’s, ISV module , MKS Connector, and more


Click Here to Access Replay



Visit our booth at the System i Networks Free Virtual Conference

Thursday, April 7, 2011 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

Join the CM First and System iNetwork for this FREE one-day event – IBM i Essentials 2011 Virtual Conference. This interactive online event covers a wide range of fundamental topics for IBM i professionals.

Visit the CM First booth for information on WebClient i+, PHP, CA Plex, CA 2E, and more. There will be a free Android tablet computer raffled off to one lucky visitor.

Important WebClient Support Bulletin

WebClient ships with a version of the Plex Java Runtime (ObRun.jar). Currently this is build 43024 for WebClient 1.6.1 and 1.6.2. We generally recommend that customers build their code at this level or higher. Although it is unlikely from a WebClient perspective that problems will result from the use of different ObRun versions, for consistent results we recommend that the ObRun version is kept in sync between Plex development tool and any web projects.

There is a known issue with ObRun 43029, where grid cell control names are not generated in the panel properties resource files. Although WebClient does not use grid cell control names in the shipped templates, to be safe for any customized templates we advise that customers avoid this build. If your application requires this build level or higher for reasons other than WebClient, you can request a patch build from CA Support

If you have any questions on this support bulletin, please open up a support ticket on

WebClient 1.6.2 Service Pack Released

WebClient i+ Developers –

  • WebClient Patch Release 1.6.2 is released. To obtain this release, please login to and select Developer Content and Software Downloads.
  • This release contains bug fixes and updated documentation
  • Important Note: It is our policy to publish product updates as soon as they become available. However, unless you have been specifically advised by product support to upgrade, we do not recommend upgrading without careful consideration of the impacts to your current application. If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

Best Regards,

The WebClient i+ Development Team

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