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September 2009 Newsletter Published

The WebClient i+ September 2009 newsletter is available at this link.

Highlights of this edition include:
  • Plex/2E Conference 2009 Starts! And it is not too late to sign up, register today.
  • Accessing web server sessions.
  • Turning tabular grid data into BI pie charts using WebClient templates
  • Version 1.4.13 released

WebClient i+ Technology Bulletin 20090910

WebClient i+ Developers –

  • WebClient Patch Release 1.4.14 is released. To obtain this release, please login to and select Developer Content and Software Downloads.¬†Consult the release notes for the fixes and updates in this release.
  • This release contains bug fixes only. Please consult the release notes.
  • Important Note: It is our policy to publish product updates as soon as they become available. However, unless you have been specifically advised by product support to upgrade, we do not recommend upgrading without careful consideration of the impacts to your current application. If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

Best Regards, 

The Websydian WebClient i+ development team

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