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WebClient Test Drive Available

The WebClient test drive that was given at the CA Plex and 2E developer’s conference and the Boise Fall 2009 event is now available to download and access online. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the Websydian WebClient i+ platform first hand.

To take the WebClient 2009 Test Drive, please visit the following link:

Please contact for more information on this program.

November 2009 Newsletter Published

The WebClient i+ November 2009 newsletter is available here.

Highlights of this edition include:

WebClient i+ Technology Bulletin 20091117

WebClient i+ Developers –

  • WebClient Patch Release 1.4.17 is released. To obtain this release, please login to and select Developer Content and Software Downloads. 
  • This release contains bug fixes and enhancements. Consult the release notes for the full list fixes and updates in this release.
  • Important Note: This patch is not compatible with CA Plex 5.5SP1.
  • Important Note: It is our policy to publish product updates as soon as they become available. However, unless you have been specifically advised by product support to upgrade, we do not recommend upgrading without careful consideration of the impacts to your current application. If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

Best Regards, 

The Websydian WebClient i+ development team

Embedding a url/web page in a WebClient panel

Sometimes it is useful to show an external web page or component embedded in the body of a WebClient panel. An example could be showing another web site, an image, a map, a widget like a calculator, or some other item of interest. Because WebClient panels are generated as standard web pages, this is very easy to accomplish through standard CA Plex techniques combined with a bit of html and java. This example can be implemented as a reusable CA Plex pattern.

This example has been created courtesy of Lily Taharudin, principal WebClient support engineer. Lily can be reached by email at

Load a web page using a page template

In this example, we are loading a set web page url onto a WebClient panel on initialization on the panel.

This technique is most useful for static url’s, like your company web site or a web component.

  1. Create a static in the main function for example iframe.
  2. Set the static control name, for example: iframe:MainArea:template=Iframe:seq=100.
  3. Create a control template Iframe.ctrl with the following code and with an url (the CA web site Is the example in this case.)

    <iframe src =”” width=”100%” height=”750px”>

      <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


Run Static URL from Plex Menu or Toolbar

In this example, we are dynamically loading a web page url onto a WebClient panel.

This technique is most useful for loading dynamic or changing information, like a map.

  1. Create a new source code, for example call DisplayURL. The source code has one parameter of URL field. In the source code, type the following code.

    import com.adcaustin.webplex.*;

    WebWindowData x =(WebWindowData) (Object) fnc.getPanel().getPanelData();


  2. Create a new URL field which inherits from FIELDS/URL. This field should have the url value, for example:
  3. Create an event in the menu to call this source code.
  4. Create a new triple for the iframe just like webmessages.
    Iframe is a FNC ~WebClient/WebUI
    Iframe impl name iframe
  5. Create a new page template named Iframe-page.wcli. The page template should contain the following code
        var iframe = document.createElement(“IFRAME”);
        iframe.setAttribute(“src“,/(!ActionArg)); = “100%”; = “750px”;
  6. The menu function should have the following triples.

    Menu is a FNC ~WEBCLIENT/WebShell

    Menu is a FNC ~WEBCLIENT/WebMessages

    Menu is a FNC iframe

Embedding in Action

An Adobe Flash scientific calculator on a DetailPopup.

The function

The panel

The Template code (this is a flash site)

<iframe src =”” width=”100%” height=”450px”>

<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


The results

WebClient on IIS with Tomcat


If you would like to run WebClient applications under IIS control, there are a few things to be aware of. Normally IIS can not execute Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs), so you need to configure IIS to use the JK ISAPI redirector plugin that will let IIS send servlet and JSP requests to Tomcat (and this way, serve them to clients).

Here is a nice guide on how to do it with IIS 7.0 / Windows 2008 Server (other guides available for different versions):

There is also information on the Apache site:

October 2009 Newsletter Published

The WebClient i+ October 2009 newsletter is available here.

Highlights of this edition include:
  • Plex/2E Conference 2009 successfully completes
  • New tips published for adding web hint text and grid stretch capabilities to your applications.
  • Version 1.4.15 and 1.4.16 released – with auto date templates.By popular demand – there is no further need to customize templates to turn your date fields into calendar pickers – it is automatic.
  • Boise event planned
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