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April 2010 Newsletter Published

The April 2010 WebClient newsletter is available at this link.

Highlights of this edition include:
  • WebClient i+ on display at CA World 2010
  • Treeview and FlexGrid preview 
  • New tip published for deploying listener to WebSphere  
  • Version 1.4.21 released
  • European User Group tour

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Newsletter Archive

Advanced Web Controls, TreeView/Flexgrid

The upcoming 2010 release of the WebClient i+ platform will contain optional support for advanced Dojo controls such as the TreeView and FlexGrid components. The TreeView component is self-explanatory. The FlexGrid component is an advanced grid with the ability of adding columns dynamically, advanced font/display formatting, adding images to cells, and more (see the CA Plex Active pattern library documentation for a full description of capabilities). Adding Web generation support for your existing CA Plex applications with TreeViews and FlexGrids will be simple in most cases – just add inheritance and off you go – no code or panel changes required.

Here is a screen print of the new components:

Here is an example of the steps you will go through to implement in the Business Fundamentals sample model.

First, add WebClient inheritance

Second, generate and build as normal.

Final result in a browser. Yes, it is that easy.

If you are interested in becoming an alpha or beta tester for this capability, drop us a line at The Alpha program starts May 1.

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WebClient Web Application Server Listener

To add an application server web session listener to your WebClient application, ensure that this  XML fragment is present under the web-app element in your web.xml.


When the listener is installed, then application clean-up will occur immediately when the session times out (as determined by the application server’s timeout settings). The user closing their browser window will also trigger a session clean-up. This is particularly important for WebSphere implementations.

WebClient i+ Technology Bulletin 20100416

WebClient i+ Developers –

  • WebClient Patch Release 1.4.21 is released. To obtain this release, please login to and select Developer Content and Software Downloads. 
  • This release contains bug fixes only. Consult the release notes for the full list fixes and updates in this release.
  • Important Note: It is our policy to publish product updates as soon as they become available. However, unless you have been specifically advised by product support to upgrade, we do not recommend upgrading without careful consideration of the impacts to your current application. If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

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The Websydian WebClient i+ development team

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