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Mobile Device Development Recommended Reading List

Here is a list of ebooks that we have found useful for mobile device development. We will be adding to the list as we come across new valuable resources.


Webcast Replay – CA Plex, Mac, and Mobile Development

To view a recording of the webcast, click here:


CA Plex on the Apple Mac and iOS

See how CA Plex can be used to generate applications that run 100% on the Apple Mac (Java Swing with MySQL) or run iOS/Android devices using Xcode, Eclipse for Mac, WebClient, and PhoneGap.


WebClient 1.8 New Release Information

WebClient 1.8 has been in private beta since November 2011. We are readying a Release Candidate for January 2012, and General Availability February 2012.

There are several new features in the new release:

  • Mobile Touch Optimized Templates
    • iPhone, Android, BB6
    • HTML5 Sencha Touch based, with Adobe/Apache PhoneGap
    • Native capability including Camera templates
  • Core Product Enhancements
    • Accordion control, enabling Outlook style menus
    • New Claro theme, support for creating user defined themes
    • Auto scale CA Plex functions to browser size
    • Enhanced Grid, save placement, export to Excel, and more
    • Intellisense style interactive filtering
    • Initial Cloud Instance Definitions
    • Portlet Generations – Websphere Portal or Apache Pluto
  • Additional Features
    • FileOpen, Progress, Plex 7.0 …
    • New licensing – No more crypkey!

Please view the presentation below for more information:

If you are a current customer and wish to be part of the release candidate process, please drop us an email to


Welcome to the new cmWebClient blog

Welcome to the new cmWebClient blog. The old blog url will be retired shortly.

You can expect to see a lot of new posts in the coming days, as version 1.8 is readied for general availability.

Regards from the WebClient team at



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