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Populate Action Diagram (AD) Variables using two Variable Palettes

Lorenz Alder, Senior Consultant / Software Architect

Ever wanted to use more than one variable palette ? Populate the variables of a CA Plex function with the fields you already defined in a variable in another CA Plex function ? Here’s how to achieve this.

Open the Action Diagram of the Function you need to edit. The AD and the Variable Palette is shown.

CA Plex tip No 3 (1)


Then open the CA Plex function containing the variable you want to copy from.

CA Plex tip No 3 (2)


At that point press CTRL+SHIFT+TAB!

CA Plex tip No 3 (3)


You can now use drag ‘n’ drop to populate the variables with fields from the other CA Plex function. Have fun!

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